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Transport fares to go up by 30% Friday over high fuel prices

Members of the Private Commercial Transport Operators, have hinted of an increment in transport fares by 30 per cent starting tomorrow Friday, February 18.

This is due to the increasing fuel prices in the country, the drivers said.

“Members are therefore directed to implement the increase from tomorrow, 18th February, 2022, without further delay. This has become necessary to save our transport business from collapsing with the frequent upward adjustments in fuel prices,” a statement they issued said on Thursday, February 17.

“A gallon of fuel which used to sell at the pump for GH¢ 27, has now jumped to almost GH¢ 36 per gallon. As the public may be aware, government and the Coalition of Private Commercial Transport Operators are still engaged in marathon negotiation for increase in transport fares. While we the operators are calling for 30% increase in transport fares, government has put on the table 10%. As a result, the negotiation ended inconclusively and is expected to continue tomorrow, 18th February, 2022.

“Sadly, before the scheduled meeting with government could take place, fuel prices have been increased by about 30 pesewas per litre. Now a litre of fuel at some of the major filling stations are being sold for GH¢ 7.990. We wish to entreat our valued customers to bear with us as we need to save our business, sustain it and keep providing you with our critical services.”


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