Stop fake lifestyles on social media – Actress Shanfair tells celebs

Kumasi-based movie producer and actress Shanfair Adwoa Assan has criticised how the fake lifestyles of some celebrities on social media put undue pressure on the youth. 

According to her, the youth are so badly influenced by what they see on social media that all they want to do is to be just like their stars.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz recently, Shanfair said she was shocked by what some celebrities did on social media just to give people the impression that they were wealthy.

“I know a celebrity who rents expensive cars and flaunts them on social media. He rents one for about two months and goes in for another, taking pictures with them, doing videos and flaunting them on social media.

“Others go to their friends’ mansions and take pictures to deceive the public that it is their own house. Some even wear clothes that are not theirs just to give the impression of a fancy lifestyle, putting undue pressure on innocent youth to want to be like them. They should stop deceiving the public with their fake lifestyles and let the truth prevail,” she said.

Shanfair completed Ghallywood Film Academy in 2011 and has been acting since then, as well as producing a few movies herself.

Some of these movies are Hotel De Waa WaaOwu SoreeOwu AshansodeeMe BroniLost HopeOdo NtriaObi Nyane MeMy ShowBoshe Asaase and Father Timothy.

Outlining some of the challenges she goes through as a producer, Shanfair said, “Sometimes, you call someone to come on set and for about three to four days you won’t see the person, and when they eventually appear, they give you pressure that they have very limited time to shoot.

“Some of the directors are lazy. Though they are being paid for their work, they don’t approach it with any seriousness, and this can be very disheartening. To think that it is so expensive to produce movies when people give you such attitudes, it really hurts,” she stated.

She contended that the movie industry had indeed taken a downward turn. “The last time I produced a movie was in 2017. All I have been doing is acting in other people’s productions and they are not too many.

“However, plans are underway to shoot my next movie which will be done both in Ghana and outside the country, so we are still in talks to do that,” she said.

On what can be done to revive the movie industry, Shanfair said, “I believe that if these Twi telenovelas are taken off air, it will go a long way to revive the movie industry.

“Again, producers, directors and actors should all change our attitude and be more serious with our work, after all that is what pays us.”

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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