Meet the Accounting graduate preparing Lamugin for sale in Ghana

There is a general perception that after graduating from the university one needed to bag a high-flying job in the corporate world to make ends meet.

But that is not the case for Mrs. Mabel Tetteh N, the CEO of Mannys Bar, an authentic local bar vending business that prepares and sells local Ghanaian drinks, fruit juice, and local snacks.

As someone who graduated with a degree in Accounting at one of the nation’s prestigious universities, one would have expected Mabel to be donning a suit and sitting comfortably in a banking hall but rather she is rolling up her sleeves to prepare indigenous Ghanaian drinks for sale to people all over the country.

But what is the connection between Accounting and local bar vending? Should such businesses be reserved for illiterates?

We caught up with Mabel at her residence, where she prepares her drinks for sale, to take us through why and how she started her business, challenges encountered, and her future aspirations.

Mabel also provided us with a step-by-step approach to preparing Lamugin and how she identifies with her customers and prospective clients.

Mrs. Mabel Tetteh N. (left) with Nana Ama Ghanaba


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Facebook: Manny’s Organic Juice

Watch the interview with the CEO of Mannys Bar


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