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‘Kunda Cares Foundation’ to support Stroke patients in Zimbabwe

Kunda Cares Foundation, a non-profit youth social impact organization, has instituted a virtual charity walk initiative to support stroke patients in Zimbabwe.

The 5 and 10 kilometers walk and run activity is also to help raise awareness of the dangers of the ailment.

The target of the organization is to raise $3,000, with proceeds donated to stroke victims across the country.

The event, which is sponsored by Heath Maintenance Network Africa, a pan-African health solutions provider in Zimbabwe, is slated for Thursday, May 28, 2021, and ends on Friday, June 11, 2021.

The initiative

To participate in the initiative, interested persons are required to register with the organization.

Interested persons are required to pay an amount of $5 (or $ZWL equivalent) which comes with a facemask to protect themselves against the coronavirus disease.

They can equally pay an amount of $10 (or $ZWL equivalent) and receive a T-shirt to commemorate the occasion.

Registration, donations, and other important activities can be done by visiting the project’s website on

Essence of the initiative

In an interview with the Founder of Kunda Cares Foundation, Mr. Tawanda Kanemeyer, he said the reason behind the initiative is to help raise awareness of the disease.

According to him, a lot of people were ignorant about the ailment despite its deadly nature.

“As an organization, we believe stroke is very common in our societies but it is not talked about much. Not many people know what stroke is, so we want to educate people, raise awareness of the disease and do our part in reducing future cases,” he said.

Mr. Tawanda Kanemeyer (left) during one of the Foundation’s outreaches.

He indicated that participants could indulge in the activity wherever they found themselves worldwide without convening to do so.

“Due to the coronavirus disease, we do not encourage people to come together in groups for the walk or run activities. After registration, we’ll provide participants with a code that they’ll use to log into the [Just Move] mobile App to track their progress and that of others,” he said.

Furthermore, he called on individuals and organizations to contribute their quota towards the support and treatment of stroke patients on the African continent.

Registration & social media

For more information and registration to participate in the initiative contact +263 716335511 or email:

Other planned activities for the project

You can also follow the company’s social media accounts for updates:





Fact sheet

Stroke is the second leading cause of death and the number one cause of long-term disability globally.

Every 45 seconds someone develops a stroke worldwide, with a person dying from the ailment every 3 minutes.

Statistically, 24% of strokes lead to death, with 50% to 70% of victims either improving health-wise or developing a mild disability.

Out of the numbers, 15% to 30% will have permanent disabilities, while 20% will require custodial care in an institution three months after the stroke.

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