Meet Kukua Awortwe- the ‘hardcore’ female entrepreneur revolutionizing fashion in Ghana

Many a time, producers of goods and services, especially in the fashion industry, jump on to trends with an ulterior motive to cash in on-demand and enrich themselves.

Employers direct their workers to take orders from customers to work on them for the money, even when it goes against their work ethics and culture.

But, that is not the case for Kukua Awortwe, a fashion entrepreneur plying her trade in Accra, the capital city of Ghana.

Kukua is the CEO of Kuks Kouture GH, a fashion company that sews and sells trendy African apparel for sale in Ghana and abroad.

Kukua Awortwe, CEO of Kuks Kouture GH



In an interview with Pen it TV at her working space at Baatsona- Spintex, Kukua revealed that she only sews ‘godly’ apparel.

She indicated that she insists on sewing ‘decent’ clothing that does not overexpose sensitive bodily parts of her customers.

Asked if her stance had affected the demand for her services, she replied in the negative.

Kukua Awortwe

According to her, the move has rather opened big doors for her, with important personalities buying into her ideas and doing business with Kuks Kouture.

But, what does it mean when one talks about ‘godly’ fashion?

A worker at Kuks Kouture GH



















Watch: Kukua Awortwe on godly fashion.

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