I share in Lord Kenya’s glory—SP Kofi Sarpong

A COUPLE of days ago, a very nice picture of Reverend Evangelist Lord Kenya surfaced on social media and the man of God was indeed looking very good.

Former rapper Lord Kenya became born-again some nine years ago and there has been no looking back for him as he continues to do Kingdom business and win souls for Christ through his ministry.

Graphic Showbiz got in touch with Gospel musician SP Kofi Sarpong who shared his thoughts on the progress of the one-time rap heavyweight champion, Lord Kenya.

“It is all joy and I always like to share in his glory, when you see Lord Kenya now, he is full of new glory, and it is simply amazing.

Reverend Evangelist Lord Kenya

“We give all glory and praises to God for how far Lord Kenya has come and the wonderful works God is doing with him. God has so many ways of calling His children.

“Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit met Saul at Damascus, Lord Kenya met his God at his own Damascus so everyone’s time will come at the appointed time.

“Lord Kenya has done very well to have remained focused since he embarked on this journey so many years ago, he has stood strongly on his feet and ensured that what he set out to do when he became born-again is on course,’’ he stated.

“I give him a big pat on his back because he has done very well for himself, not everyone is able to do what he has done but like I said earlier, it is all to the greater glory of the good Lord above, a big kudos to Lord Kenya for making all of us proud.

SP Kofi Sarpong added that he hopes more people will follow in Lord Kenya’s steps, himself included, “It will be great to see many more of us follow suit because indeed there is nothing as fulfilling as doing Kingdom business.”

Asked how he feels about a secular musician achieving this great feat, SP Sarpong said, “It is all to the glory of God, when it is time for God to call you, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do.

“God does not discriminate so regardless of who you are, you can be called to do God’s work when the time comes,” he said.

“The striking thing about Lord Kenya is the kind of artiste he was, he was a very big musician with a huge following.

“The thousands of people who hailed him wherever he went be it here in Ghana or abroad was overwhelming, but he put all that behind him and chose to do God’s work, that is a big plus for him.

“Lot’s wife was very wealthy and had a lot of properties, but she was asked not to look back else, but she did and was turned into a pillar salt, the story of Lord Kenya is very fulfilling, and it tells us that nothing is impossible with God,” he said.

According to SP Sarpong, Lord Kenya’s story is unique, “As I keep saying, we share in his glory and we thank God for his life because he may have lost lots of earthly fans but thousands are rejoicing in Heaven because of him.”

Away from that, SP Kofi Sarpong stated that he is currently in the studio almost done with a complete album, “My management is working around the clock and will soon come out with a date for the release of the album”, he concluded.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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