GTA confident continuous domestic tourism campaign will revamp industry

The Ghana Tourism Authority says it is confident that a continuation of its domestic tourism drive will contribute significantly to reviving the sector this year.

Acting Director of Public Affairs at GTA, Nelson Jones stated in an interview with Citi Business News that his outfit will continue to push the agenda to ensure a thriving local tourism industry.

Nelson Jones

“In terms of domestic tourism, first of all, we’ve whipped up a lot of interest, we’ve done a lot of campaigns, we’ve done a lot of interactions, videos and now we need a lot of activations and that is what we are working on.”

“Liaising with organizations, telcos and all that, the underground work has been done and we are trying to motivate the general public. Of course, we are using the City coach double-decker as a conduit and we have one currently stationed in Accra. Very soon we are going to have them in the other regions then we map up how we are going to use them to channel our plans.” He added.

The restrictions associated with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic cut off international tourists who were the major customers for the sector.

The Authority in response launched a domestic tourism campaign to whip up local interest.

This move has been commended by industry players like the Ghana Hotels Association which says it has helped in mitigating the impact of the pandemic on business.




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