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Cozy Couture holds exquisite graduation fashion event

One of Ghana’s finest fashion houses, Cozy Couture School of Design, will today hold a graduation ceremony to usher fresh graduands into the Ghanaian creative industry.

In all, nine persons are expected to graduate at the ceremony, after having specialized in bridals, pattern drafting, garment construction, illustrations, and millinery.

The ceremony, which would be held at the W.E.B DuBois Centre in Accra, will bring together personalities from the creative industry, including KKD, and a host of others.

The event will see models perform on the runway to exhibit accessories made by the firm, and an exhibition session which would give other designers the platform to showcase their craft to the public.

The Cozy Couture fashion house was founded by Mrs. Comfort Akrofi Yanney, and specializes mainly in smart casuals, corporate wear, and wedding designs, among others.

The establishment is touted for its expertise in training designers, and showcasing  the true African identity and culture.

As part of Pen It Multimedia’s mandate to support and promote Africa’s creative talents and crafts, we will be streaming the event live on Facebook today from 5pm (Ghana Time) and 12pm EST.

You can follow our Facebook page by following the link ( or searching for Pen It Multimedia on your Facebook search engine, and watch how events unfold at the ceremony.

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